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UAE's only female kitesurfing instructor 

Sharing a love for watersports!

Hey guys! My name is Jess from Canada and I'm a certified IKO Instructor (International Kiteboarding Association) with years of teaching experience and an unrivalled passion for the sport. I'm so exited to share my love of kitesurfing with you. There are so many things to love about this sport and I can't wait to bring you for your first lesson. Every lesson is focused on safety and effective learning, but at the end of the day it's also my job to make sure you're having fun, progressing and joining an amazing community of local kitesurfers. Click here to read more about the structure of the kitesurfing course or click here to find out what kind of lesson would be best for you. Or feel free to drop us an email, phone call, or WhatsApp if you have any questions!

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Start riding in 6-10 hours.

Dubai is a great place to learn how to kitesurf! At Kitesurf Arabia we teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe and have fun. We have grown into a friendly kitesurfing community here in UAE and you are sure to meet new people and make new friends while you learn this amazing new sport. Our lessons will cover everything you need to know, you don't need any previous experience with wind sports or board sports.


Not sure if you will like it? Book a discovery lesson and come and try it out. 


Have more questions? Check out the FAQ's or get in touch with our instructors to get more info. 

Lesson Options & Prices

  • "Is kitesurfing for me?..."

    1 hr

  • "I want to learn on my own..."

    1 hr

  • "I've already learnt the basics..."

    1 hr

  • "I want to sign up for the whole course..."

    10 hr

  • "We want to learn together..."

    1 hr

  • "I prefer a female instructor..."

    1 hr

  • "My kids want to learn/We want to learn as a family..."

    1 hr

  • "I want to gift someone a kitesurfing lesson/package..."

    1 hr




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Nessnass Beach 

Behind Sunset Mall


Jebel Ali Public Beach

Next to Jebel Ali Beach Resort

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